Galaxy Note 8 to Launch in Late August

Galaxy Note 8 to Launch in Late August
Samsung’s CEO says that the device will be launched in two phases to the market.

(CCM) — Samsung's upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy Note 8, is nearing its launch, but there have been many speculations about the launch date. Shutting down all the rumors, Samsung's CEO DJ Koh told Taiwanese media that the company is planning to launch the Galaxy Note 8 in late August.

Previous rumors also stated that Samsung could unveil the device before the IFA 2017 trade fair, which starts on September 1, 2017. Some rumors also claimed that Samsung might launch the flagship device on August 23, 2017, but the phone won't appear on the sale shelves until September.

Samsung's CEO DJ Koh cleared all the rumors and also revealed that the Galaxy Note 8 will be released to the market in two phases, with the first phase starting in September. The first phase of the release will include the follow countries: The United States, The UK, and South Korea. The second phase will include the rest of the countries in the world and will start in October.

The company seems to be weeding out the competition by launching the device in August. It is quite clear that Samsung does not want its Note flagship to clash with the much-awaited Apple iPhone 8. By launching the Galaxy Note 8 in August, Samsung will have two months of sales before the iPhone 8 comes out to dominate the premium section of the market.

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