Samsung Pay Gets PayPal Support

Samsung Pay Gets PayPal Support
After Android Pay, Samsung Pay adds PayPal Wallet as a payment method.

(CCM) — Samsung announced its newly formed partnership with PayPal as a payment method on Samsung Pay. Starting with the US market, PayPal Wallet will soon appear as a payment option for Samsung Pay users. It will enable PayPal users to add their account and use it like any other bank payment methods on Samsung Pay.

Customers will also be rewarded with gift cards and reward points when they use Samsung Pay at supported outlets. Samsung and PayPal also have plans to extend the support to 18 more countries, including Spain, South Korea, China, and India. By collaborating with Samsung, PayPal has just extended its usability. PayPal users can now utilise their funds at physical stores too, thanks to Samsung Pay. It has also made it easier for the merchants to regard PayPal as a payment avenue.

Samsung Pay is guarded by Samsung's top notch Knox security software. Also, with MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) hardware inside Samsung phones, the payment service works at almost all the outlets where credit/debit cards are accepted. Beyond Samsung Pay on mobile, the partnership between PayPal and Samsung also includes Samsung Pay online. The PayPal option should go live soon on Samsung Pay.

Image: © Samsung.