Samsung To Recover Note 7 Loss By Recycling

Samsung To Recover Note 7 Loss By Recycling
Samsung is going to recycle the recalled Galaxy Note 7 units and retain key components of the device.

(CCM) — After launching the Galaxy Note FE (Fan Edition) in South Korea, Samsung has released a statement explaining its recycling efforts for the doomed Galaxy Note 7. The company says that it will be recycling the recalled units that it collected through its worldwide recall program for the Note 7 last year.

Samsung refurbished the unopened Galaxy Note 7s and launched them with a smaller battery under the new name Galaxy Note FE. For the rest of the unboxed Note 7 units received via the recall program, Samsung is going to recycle them. The company expects to recover 157 tons of gold, silver, cobalt, and copper via recycling the units. It will begin the recycling process by the end of this month.

It has also planned to separate and reuse key components of the device present in every unit of the Note 7. These components include AMOLED displays, memory semiconductors, and camera lenses. Samsung assures to retain the usable parts "through eco-friendly processing methods." Some of these extracted components will be used as service materials for the Note FE units while the remaining parts will be sold. Samsung is going to take the help of domestic and foreign companies to retain and recycle the components of the Note 7.

The company also expects to lead the industry in the area of environmental protection and resource recycling.

Image: © Samsung.