Google Glass Enterprise Edition Out Now

Google Glass Enterprise Edition Out Now
Google has launched the new Enterprise Edition for Google Glass that is focused on business consumers.

(CCM) — Google has brought back its Google Glass wearable in a new package and for a new audience. The company has introduced an all new Google Glass Enterprise Edition, which is meant for corporate rather than general users. The new version of Google Glass comes with some software and hardware upgrades to help businesses.

The Enterprise Edition of Google Glass features better hardware than the previous Google Glass. It has a better camera with 8 MP resolution, unlike the 5 MP camera on the previous model. The battery has also improved, along with WiFi speed and the processor. Another upgrade is a Red light on the wearable that turns on when recording a video.

Being the new iteration, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition also features a new Glass Pod design. It is modular and gets attached to compatible frames with a dedicated hinge. As the name suggests, the biggest buyers for this edition of Google Glass are big companies with factories such as Boeing, GE, DHL, and others. These companies have already tested the new device at their facilities and are relatively impressed. Alphabet's project managers were pretty confident about the new Google Glass, as it offers assistive information for operations and therefore enhances productivity.

Image: © Google.