Facebook Exploring Modular Phone

Facebook Exploring Modular Phone
Facebook’s new patent roughly outlines a modular phone design that doubles as a smart speaker.

(CCM) — Facebook is developing a modular phone. The social network's secretive Skunkworks division, headed by former DARPA director Regina Dugan, is developing the mystery modular phone. A report from Business Insider reveals that Facebook has filed for a patent that is about a “modular electromagnetic device” to mitigate the issue of “expensive and wasteful” consumer electronics.

The patent filed by the social network giant describes the product categories for the mystery device as a phone and a smart speaker. It is not a surprising move from Facebook, as the company has poached most of the members of Google's Project Ara team. The idea of a modular phone, as shown in the patent, also has uncanny resemblance with Project Ara’s device scheme.

Facebook declined to give a statement on the alleged reports, but according to some sources, Facebook is rigorously working on a modular device. It could be used as a smart speaker and phone, but the patent also states that “millions of devices” connected to a single server could be loaded with different software components, in a modular manner.

It remains to be seen if Facebook will launch a modular device. Until then, we may hear more about it through rumours.

Image: © OlegDoroshin - Shutterstock.com