iOS 11 Beta 4 Makes WiFi Better

iOS 11 Beta 4 Makes WiFi Better
The iOS 11 beta 4 for developers brings a new feature that makes WiFi connectivity better.

(CCM) — Following Google, Apple has also released iOS 11 beta 4 for developers. The new version comes with a feature that protects the device network from automatically joining unstable WiFi networks. The auto-join functionality for WiFi networks shipped with the early versions of iOS 11 beta. It appears whenever the user taps on the "i" option next to the WiFi network name in the connection settings.

The best part about the new feature on iOS 11 beta 4 is that if the user has enabled the "Ask to Join Networks" option, then it will not let weak WiFi networks send joining requests. This feature reminds us of the Wi-Fi Assist functionality on iOS 9 that automatically used to switch to the mobile network when the WiFi connection started to lose strength. The only drawback was that it didn't notify users about the shift to cellular data, which resulted in high data usage bills from mobile carriers.

Thankfully, the new feature that has debuted with the iOS 11 beta 4 doesn’t shift to a mobile data network automatically. The feature focuses on eliminating weak WiFi networks so that users don’t have to do it manually.

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