Google Play Music and YouTube Red To Merge

Google Play Music and YouTube Red To Merge
Google Play Music and YouTube Red will be merged to create a whole new app.

(CCM) — Google is finally doing what it should have done a long time back. The company is merging its two popular music streaming apps, Google Play Music and YouTube Red. The merger will result in the development of a new app that will cater to audio and video needs of users in one place.

YouTube's Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen, confirmed during a seminar in New York City that the company is merging the two services to increase the subscription base and enlighten customers about the availability.

According to the statement given by Cohen, Google thinks that merging YouTube Red and Google Play Music is an essential step towards consumer benefit. For now, the company is amid evaluating the methods in which the services can be combined seamlessly, without confusing the users and also provide them with a better experience. Cohen also asserted that music is of the utmost importance to Google, and the company will offer the best possible product to fulfil the needs of users. Also, users will be given notice before the merger takes final shape.

It will be interesting to see how Google comes up with a standalone app by combining its two major streaming services.

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