Apple Accidentally Leaks iPhone 8 Details

Apple Accidentally Leaks iPhone 8 Details
Apple’s recently released HomePod firmware carrier information about the upcoming iPhone 8.

(CCM) — Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 has been in the news for a couple of months, thanks to the alleged leaks. Now, in the latest move the company itself has "accidentally" leaked the overall form factor and ‘Pearl ID’ on the iPhone 8. Apple recently released its smart speaker — HomePod firmware. However, the company also left a few clues about the iPhone 8.

A developer named Steve Troughton-Smith checked the firmware and got the code for ‘Pearl ID’ in BiometricKit, which is a rumoured Infrared (IR) facial recognition unlocking feature. Infrared is needed for supporting facial recognition in low-light conditions. The feature was expected to debut on the iPhone 8, and the latest code investigation has sort of confirmed its presence on the device.

It is not yet confirmed whether the new face recognition feature will be called ‘Pearl ID.’ There are also fair chances that Apple may name the new feature Face ID. Another developer, Guilherme Rambo, found the codename for the iPhone 8 in the HomePod firmware. The codename is D22, and there is also a mention of ‘iPhone9’ that could be related to the upcoming iPhone 7s.

Lastly, the HomePod firmware also contains a glyph for D22 that reveals the overall form factor of the iPhone 8. The glyph shows off an edge-to-edge iPhone without a Home button and a notch at the top that is expected to include an earpiece and other sensors, such as Infrared. Even after revealing important details about the iPhone 8, the iOS firmware for the HomePod is still up for download.

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