Facebook Ditches Its Snapchat Clone

Facebook Ditches Its Snapchat Clone
Facebook has abandoned an app that was supposed to compete directly with Snapchat.

(CCM) — Facebook has pulled the plug on Lifestage, a standalone app which it hoped would go head-to-head with Snapchat, less than a year after it was launched, according to a Business Insider report. Lifestage was aimed at teenagers, and the app allowed them to form social networks with their classmates. But unlike most social networks it did not offer direct messaging, instead encouraging students to post selfies and other photos and videos which would be shared with all of their classmates.

Anyone who claimed to be over 21 was blocked from the app to try to ensure it was only used by high-school students, but this could easily be bypassed by entering a fake age. This raised privacy concerns, according to the report.

One reason for Facebook giving up on Lifestage is that it no longer needs it to rival Snapchat. That's because its Instagram app's "Stories" feature now has 250 million daily users, compared to Snapchat's 166 million.

The app was withdrawn from the App Store on August 4, Business Insider said, having never made it into any of its top app charts, and having not been updated for several months. At the start of this month Lifestage was ranked at 1,392 in the free app chart in the App Store in the U.S., and was unranked on Google Play.

Image: © Lukasz Stefanski - Shutterstock.com