Microsoft Caves In to AV Vendor Demands

Microsoft Caves In to AV Vendor Demands
Microsoft has promised to make it easier for anti-virus vendors to compete with its own anti-virus software.

(CCM) — Microsoft has given into demands from anti-virus company Kaspersky Labs that it allow anti-virus vendors to compete on more equal terms with Microsoft's own anti-virus software in Windows 10.

In a notable climb-down, Rob Lefferts, Microsoft's partner director for security, announced that in future the company will increase the time that anti-virus vendors have to test their products before updates are released, and allow these vendors to issue alerts to users to renew their subscriptions both before and after they expire. It has also changed the way that Windows 10 alerts users when their subscriptions expire so that they are less likely to miss the alert and end up using Microsoft's anti-virus software without realizing that they are doing so.

Kaspersky has previously claimed that Microsoft provides insufficient time for other vendors to ensure that their anti-virus software maintains compatibility when it upgrades its Windows 10 operating system. Kaspersky also claimed that Windows 10 disables rival anti-virus software and enables its own software during upgrades without warning users and interferes with messages from vendors requesting that users renew their anti-virus subscriptions.

Kaspersky believed that Microsoft's previous behavior was so anti-competitive that it filed complaints with the European Commission and the German Federal Cartel Office earlier this year.

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