Uber Launches In-App Chat

Uber Launches In-App Chat
Uber riders can now communicate with drivers en route without having to reveal their phone numbers.

(CCM) — Ride hailing company Uber has launched its own in-app chat service so that customers can communicate with drivers to provide their exact location without revealing their mobile numbers.

To use the service, customers simply go to their Uber feed and tap "contact" and then "chat". They can then communicate with the driver en route and provide any important information, which will be read aloud to the driver receiving the message. The driver can acknowledge the message by sending back a "thumbs up" icon.

The chat service will work anywhere in the world, so it also allows travelers to communicate with local drivers without incurring expensive roaming charges for sending text messages or receiving calls. Alternative free chat services, such as WhatsApp, also rely on both parties knowing each other's phone numbers.

The new in-app chat service is starting to be rolled out to riders and drivers around the world and will continue to do so for the next few weeks. The company adds that the new service is just the first step in improving communication between riders and drivers. They promise more updates to the apps in the near future.

Image: © Uber.