Google Home Streams Spotify Free Service

Google Home Streams Spotify Free Service
Google Home users can now stream music from Spotify without paying a monthly subscription to the service.

(CCM) — Google Home connected speakers can now stream music from free Spotify accounts, Tech Times is reporting. Rival smart speakers such as Amazon's Echo can only stream music from Spotify if the user pays a monthly subscription for the service. The move follows an announcement by Google in May that it would make the device more open to music streaming services. Google Home was announced in May 2016 and released in the U.S. six months later.

Inevitably, though, there is a catch: the limitations of the free Spotify service still apply. That means that users are limited to playing playlists in shuffle mode, while requesting a specific artist, album, or song will result in a "station" which plays songs which are similar to the music requested. High resolution audio is not available, and users are unable to skip to the next track in a playlist an unlimited number of times. One final limitation is that the music streaming is not ad-free, so users will be subjected to the occasional commercial break.

The Google Home support page has added Spotify Free to its supported music streaming services, so the new capability is likely to be available to all users imminently.

Image: © Google.