New Intel Chips Offer Huge Power Boost

New Intel Chips Offer Huge Power Boost
Intel's new microprocessor line offers a once-in-a-decade increase in computing power.

(CCM) — The power of laptop and desktop PCs is set to explode thanks to the introduction of Intel's new "eighth generation" microprocessors, according to a Bloomberg report. That's because the new Core chip line will offer a performance boost of as much as 40% compared to the one it replaces, Intel claims, adding that this type of performance leap occurs only once in a decade. It has achieved the performance gains principally by adding more compute cores to the chips — in some cases as many as eight.

There are over 450 million PCs in use that are more than five years old, according to the report, and the new chip lines will be more than twice as fast as the chips in these older machines.

But Intel will face fierce competition from rival chip-maker AMD later in the year. Its Zen chips will offer similar performance to Intel's new chip line, but they are expected to be less expensive. Crucially they will also be half as thick, making them much more suitable for mobile devices.

Laptops powered by the eighth generation Intel chips will be available to buy in September.

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