Walmart Moves into Voice Shopping

Walmart Moves into Voice Shopping
The retail giant is teaming up with Google to offer voice shopping across the U.S.

(CCM) — Walmart, the world's largest retailer, has decided to enter the voice-activated shopping market currently dominated by Amazon and its Alexa intelligent assistant, the Los Angeles Times is reporting.

Walmart has no voice recognition technology of its own to compete with Alexa, so it has teamed up with Google to offer a huge range of products, including laundry detergent and children's toys, which can be ordered by voice using Google's Assistant, the search engine company's answer to Alexa.

The deal would appear to make sound business sense for Google, as it seeks to establish its Google Home speaker as a credible rival to Amazon's Echo and Apple's soon-to-be released HomePod. For Walmart, it allows the company to gain a foothold in an area of retailing that is growing rapidly.

Google's Home already allows users to order items from retailers including Target and Costco under its Google Express program, but Walmart wants its partnership with Google to go further. For example, it plans to allow users to personalize its service so that they will be able to order general food items such as milk or bread, and Google Assistant will then know which brands and sizes the user is likely to want.

Image: © Walmart.