Play Hosts Malware-Infested Android Apps

Play Hosts Malware-Infested Android Apps
At least two apps on Google Play contain highly malicious software components, security researchers have discovered.

(CCM) — Security researchers at Securify have identified at least two apps offered in the Google Play store which contain highly malicious software components, according to a blog post by the researchers.

Google performs security scans on Android apps before they can be offered from the Play store, but developers are increasingly obfuscating their code to make it harder for Google's systems to spot malicious software.

The first app, called Earn Real Money Gift Cards, contains the notorious bankbot malware. This can mimic the login pages of many legitimate bank apps, fooling users into revealing their login name and password.

The second, called Bubble Shooter Wild Life, contains a "dropper" which can download and install other applications or malware without the user being aware. The current version of the app does not yet use the dropper functionality to download any additional software, leading the researchers to believe that the app is under development. Future versions of Bubble Shooter Wild Life may actually use the dropper to download bankbot or other malware.

The researchers warn that the author could ultimately charge criminals to install their malware on victims' devices. "With a simple campaign on social media the app can be spread rapidly, especially since the app appears to be a normal and fun game to the average user. As we have long expected, droppers will probably become more common and be rented out as a service," they said.

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