iPhone 8 to Offer Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 to Offer Wireless Charging
New leaks suggest Apple's new phone will also offer 512 GB of storage at a cost of more than $1000.

(CCM) — Apple's soon to be released iPhone 8 is likely to be the first iPhone to offer wireless charging capabilities, according to a BGR report. The ability to charge through magnetic induction, rather than by plugging in a power cable, has long been available on several brands of Android devices, but has previously only been possible on iPhones by using special wireless charging cases.

The bad news for Apple fans is that Apple may not have wireless charging mats for the iPhone 8 available at the time of the launch of the device, meaning buyers will have to wait before they can enable the wireless charging capability.

The top-of-the range iPhone 8 is expected to include a bezel-less curved OLED screen and facial recognition for unlocking, as well as wireless charging. Some leaks suggest that the highest capacity model will offer 512 GB of storage for music, photos, and other data. The phone is also likely to be Apple's most expensive ever, with the price of some models widely expected to exceed $1000.

Image: © Andrey Bayda - Shutterstock.com