Google Silences Auto-Playing Videos

Google Silences Auto-Playing Videos
A new 'mute' feature in Chrome will permanently stop web pages from playing unwanted sounds.

(CCM) — Google is planning to provide a solution to the problem of web pages — such as those with auto-playing videos — which play audio content as soon as they are loaded. These types of web pages tend to annoy users, especially if they are browsing the web in locations such as libraries, offices, or hospitals where loud noises are inappropriate.

Google is now trialing a setting in its Chrome browser which mutes or unmutes specific websites directly from the Page Info bubble on the browser's address bar. "This will give you more control about which website is allowed to throw sound at you automatically," explained Francois Beaufort, a "happiness evangelist" at Google, in a Google + post.

Clicking on the bubble reveals information about the web page including whether it has permission to use the computer's camera, microphone, or location services. Once the "mute" feature is activated, the user will be able to mute the page by clicking on the Sound item. That page will then be muted permanently, unless the user deactivates the feature.

Currently, it is possible to mute Chrome by right clicking on a page tab, but this is not a permanent fix as sound is reactivated the next time the user reopens the tab or restarts the browser.

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