Logitech Unveils Super-Fast Gaming Mouse

Logitech Unveils Super-Fast Gaming Mouse
Logitech's G603 mouse offers one millisecond response times and long battery life.

(CCM) — Logitech has unveiled a revolutionary high performance gaming mouse which doubles as a solid office performer. The G603 mouse uses Logitech's proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless technology, which it calls Lightspeed, to allow the mouse to communicate with the PC it is attached to at a speed comparable to a wired mouse. The mouse uses a new optical sensor technology called High Efficiency Rating Optical, or "Hero" that requires very little power, ensuring long battery life.

The Hero technology is unusual because it uses updatable firmware. That means that in the future Logitech may offer updates which provide bug fixes, optimizations, and "use-cases" changes.

The G603 can be used with Lightspeed in two modes: "Lightspeed Hi" mode and "Lightspeed Lo" mode. In Hi mode, designed for gaming, the mouse updates its position to the connected PC every millisecond. In Lo mode this is reduced to once every eight milliseconds. Working in Lo mode uses less power, allowing the device's batteries to last three times longer than in Hi mode, while the performance is perfectly adequate for typical office tasks. Users can change the mode of the mouse using a small switch on the base of the device.

Users can also connect to a PC using Bluetooth instead of Lightspeed, resulting in an update rate of about once every 7.5 – 11.25 milliseconds. The benefit of using a Bluetooth connection is that the mouse's USB-based Wi-Fi dongle is not required.

The G603 mouse is designed to be sturdy enough to handle 20 million button clicks and travel 250 kilometers (155 miles). It will start shipping in September, priced at $49.