Palm PDAs and Phones to Make a Comeback

Palm PDAs and Phones to Make a Comeback
Chinese phone-maker TCL is to revive the venerable Palm organizer brand.

(CCM) — Palm, the iconic personal digital assistant (PDA) brand, is set to make a dramatic comeback some seven years after it disappeared, according to a Fortune report. It is best known for its ground-breaking Palm Pilot PDA, released in the early 1990s

In 2015 Chinese electronics firm TCL — which owns the rights to the Blackberry brand — acquired the Palm brand, and marketing manager Stefan Streit has announced that new Palm products will be released in 2018, according to the report. No details of the type of products have been revealed, but they are likely to be a Palm smartphones as well as a revamped and updated PalmPilot PDA. Streit hinted that the Palm products will be targeted at an older audience looking for modern technology.

TCL plans to release a new waterproof BlackBerry with a touchscreen phone in October 2017. The company also owns the Alcatel low-cost phone brand.

Palm was originally founded in 1992 and found success with its PalmPilot, Palm, Zire, and Tungsten PDAs — and to a lesser extent its Treo, Centro, Pre, and Pixi smartphones. Its hardware ran the Palm OS before switching to Windows Mobile and WebOS. Palm ended up in the hands of HP, which discontinued Palm products in 2011.

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