The Smartwatch Market Is Taking Off

The Smartwatch Market Is Taking Off
Smartwatch sales are booming because consumers are finally ready for sophisticated wearables.

(CCM) — The market for smartwatches is exploding as consumers move from basic fitness trackers to more sophisticated offerings, such as the Apple Watch, according to a new report from research house IDC. Sales of basic wearables that do not run third party apps declined by 0.9% during the second quarter of this year, but sales of Android Wear smartwatches and Apple Watches grew by an astonishing 60.9%, IDC found. Sales of smartwatches made by Fossil grew by 218%.

"The transition towards more intelligent and feature-filled wearables is in full swing," said Jitesh Ubrani, IDC's senior research analyst for Mobile Device Trackers. "For years, rudimentary fitness trackers have acted as a gateway to smartwatches and now we're at a point where brands and consumers are graduating to a more sophisticated device."

He added that previously niche features such as GPS are rapidly becoming the norm in smartwatches. "Just a year ago only 24.5% of all wearables had embedded GPS, while today that number has reached almost 41.7%," he said.

IDC attributes the rise in smartwatch sales to the growing number of models aimed at specific market segments like the fashion-concious and outdoor enthusiasts, lower price points, and "a slowly-warming reception from consumers and enterprise users alike."

Image: © Apple.