Apple Takes Drastic Action to Save Siri

Apple Takes Drastic Action to Save Siri
The company has decided to act to prevent Siri from falling further behind in the intelligent assistant race.

(CCM) — Apple has been forced to take drastic action to try to prevent its Siri intelligent assistant from falling further behind rivals Alexa, Cortana, and Google Assistant, according to a Bloomberg report.

Earlier this week, the company appointed its operating system chief, Craig Federighi, as the person to oversee Siri development, replacing Apple services head Eddy Cue. Apple has also relaxed its rule prohibiting its employees from publishing academic papers on artificial intelligence because this may have been discouraging top academics from joining the company to work on Siri, according to the report.

Unlike Google's Assistant, Siri has no context awareness. That means that if a user asks: "Where is Cambodia?" followed by a supplementary question such as: "What is the capital city," it would not be able to understand that the user is still talking about Cambodia.

Siri needs to beef up Siri's capabilities if it is to compete successfully in the connected speaker market currently dominated by Amazon's Echo and its Alexa intelligent assistant. Apple plans to release its Siri-powered HomePod offering in December to compete with the Echo as well as Google's Home and a forthcoming Samsung device powered by its Bixby intelligent assistant.

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