Tinder Strikes Gold in Apple's App Store

Tinder Strikes Gold in Apple's App Store
Tinder's new premium feature has made the app the App Store's top grosser.

(CCM) — Tinder has becoming the biggest money maker in Apple's App Store. This follows the introduction of a new feature that allows users who are willing to pay $4.99 per month to see who has liked their profile, the BBC is reporting. Without paying for the feature users only know if someone likes their profile if they in turn like the other person's profile, creating a match. Tinder says that while 1.6 billion profiles are swiped right every day, this only leads to about 26 million matches daily.

Tinder Gold, as the new feature is called, is available on top of the existing $9.99 per month subscription for using Tinder's premium Plus service. The company also offers a free service which limits the number of likes a user can make in any 12-hour period.

But Jack Kent, an analyst at HIS Markit, warned that dating apps need large number of users in order to succeed, and premium services risk alienating many free users who do not feel that there is a level dating playing field. "Any premium strategies must balance the need to monetise those that are willing to pay while keeping other users engaged," he told the BBC.

Tinder Gold is available now in iOS, but has not yet been introduced to the Android version of Tinder's app.

Image: © tanuha2001 - Shutterstock.com