YouTube Offers Ultra-Low-Latency Streams

YouTube Offers Ultra-Low-Latency Streams
YouTube's new ultra-low-latency live streaming cuts broadcast delays to as little as two seconds.

(CCM) — YouTube has souped up its live streaming technology, cutting down the delay between recording and broadcasting from ten seconds to as little as two, the company has announced in a Creator Blog post.

From today, live streamers using YouTube can select a new ultra-low-latency option — in addition to the existing normal latency and low-latency options — that makes their video stream available for viewing with the minimum delay possible, all without the need for any special software or video encoders.

Using ultra-low-latency mode could potentially cause problems for streamers who carry out live chat with viewers, so YouTube has also introduced two key new tools to make live chat moderation easier. The first is inline moderation, which allows a streamer to pause the chat feed to remove or approve comments with a single click.

The second allows streamers to let YouTube's systems attempt to identify inappropriate chat messages for review. These can then be approved, removed, or reported. YouTube says that as users review more messages, the system will get better at identifying the types of messages that they want to hold for review. Users can also block certain words or phrases automatically.

Image: © YouTube.