Hackers Target Military Research

Hackers Target Military Research
Hackers are attacking research organizations in the U.K. over a thousand times every month.

(CCM) — Hackers are targeting university networks in the U.K. with the goal of stealing cutting edge military research as well as advances in new fuel and battery technologies, according to a report in The Times.

The report says that hacker gangs are attempting to steal the valuable research at the behest of foreign governments or on their own initiative, with the aim of selling it on to these governments. In particular, the hackers have been targeting research into missiles and stealth fabrics used to make "invisibility cloaks."

The paper revealed that top research institutions including the Universities of Oxford and Warwick and University College London were breached over 1,000 times last year, more than double the number of breaches recorded two years ago. Some top research organizations were being attacked by hackers as frequently as 1,000 times every month, it discovered.

For foreign governments, hacking a university and stealing research is often far more cost effective than carrying out the research locally. "Intellectual property takes years of knowhow and costs a lot," Carsten Maple, director of cyber-security at the University of Warwick, told The Times. "If someone can get that very quickly, that's good for them."

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