Huawei Now Sells More Phones than Apple

Huawei Now Sells More Phones than Apple
Huawei outsold Apple in the smartphone market this summer, putting it in second place behind Samsung.

(CCM) — Huawei has overtaken Apple to become the second largest smartphone brand behind Samsung, according to research carried out by Counterpoint. The research found that the Chinese smartphone-maker outsold Apple in the global market in both June and July, and with strong August sales reported it is hightly likely that Huawei outsold Apple in August as well.

Huawei's success may in part be due to its consistent investment in research and development, combined with aggressive marketing and sales channel expansion, according to Peter Richardson, Counterpoint's research director. But Apple's iPhone sales are also likely to have slowed significantly in the run up to the release of the iPhone 8 in mid-September.

Nonetheless, Richardson believes Huawei's strong sales figures are impressive. "This is a significant milestone for Huawei, the largest Chinese smartphone brand with a growing global presence," he said. "It speaks volumes for this primarily network infrastructure vendor on how far it has grown in the consumer mobile handset space in the last three to four years."

He added that while Huawei is strong in China, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East, it has yet to gain a strong foothold in the important American, South Asian, and Indian markets. If this is not addressed, then this will limit Huawei's growth potential in the medium term, he concluded.

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