Instagram Stories to Appear on Facebook

Instagram Stories to Appear on Facebook
Facebook hopes to revitalize its Stories platform with a content injection from Instagram.

(CCM) — Facebook plans give its Stories feature a shot in the arm by allowing Instagram users to share their Stories on Facebook, according to a Tech Times report. Facebook has owned Instagram since 2012, when it bought the service for about $1 billion.

The initiative, which is currently being tested, has become necessary because Facebook's Stories have failed to take off, and the number of users taking advantage of the feature remains low, the report says. By contrast Instagram Stories usage has exploded to the extent that it is now more popular than Snapchat's Stories. More than 250 million people use Instagram Stories every day, according to figures supplied by the company.

Instagram users who are part of the test have the option to share their Stories on Facebook, as well as Instagram, where they look almost exactly like Facebook-native stories, according to Tech Times. The only tell-tale mark is the word "Instagram" under the user name and photo of a story that did not originate on Facebook.

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