Twitter Prepares Tweetstorm Feature

Twitter Prepares Tweetstorm Feature
Twitter plans to make it easy to send messages of up to 49,280 characters in a series of tweets.

(CCM) — Twitter is preparing to launch a new feature which makes it easy for users to unleash "tweetstorms," according to a Tech Times report. A tweetstorm is a chain of tweets which appear consecutively on a user's timeline, allowing them to write longer posts or commentate on an event as it unfolds.

The new feature will allow users to write a message which is longer than Twitter's 140 character limit and then break it up automatically into a tweetstorm of up to 352 consecutive tweets. This would enable a message with a theoretical maximum of 49,280 characters. An early version of the feature, which is not being tested in public, was discovered in the Android Twitter app by a Twitter user calling himself Davesh Logendran, according to the report.

Currently, there is no simple way for Twitter users to create a tweetstorm. To produce one it is necessary to reply to the previous tweet, over and over again, to build the unbroken chain of messages. If a user simply writes a series of tweets or replies repeatedly to the first tweet, then the chain of tweets can get broken up in their timeline.

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