Amazon Plans Alexa-Powered Fire TV

Amazon Plans Alexa-Powered Fire TV
A new Fire TV set-top box will incorporate the functionality of an Echo Dot.

(CCM) — Amazon is about to unveil a new Fire TV device which includes the "always listening" functionality of an Echo Dot, according to an AFTVnews report.

The new device will take the form of a cube-shaped set-top box, containing an array of far-field microphones which listen to wake words — typically "Echo," "Alexa," or "computer." It also will swathes a speaker — so that the Alexa functionality can be used even when the TV is not switched on — an IR emitter to control a television and other equipment, as well as the normal hardware needed to make a Wi-Fi-connected streaming device.

The device should be able to turn on most TVs, adjust the volume, find programs, and stream content — all using voice commands and without the need for one or more remote control handsets.

The new Fire TV device will also have a distinctive blue LED light bar similar to those found on the Echo and Echo Dot devices, and the same four buttons to control volume, disable the microphone, and switch off the device. It will be released later this year or early next year, according to the report, and the price is likely to be in excess of $100.

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