Apple Explains Face ID Launch Fail

Apple Explains Face ID Launch Fail
The embarrassing failure of the iPhone X Face ID demonstration was not the fault of the technology, Apple says.

(CCM) — Apple has issued an official explanation of why the Face ID facial recognition system on its iPhone X failed so embarrassingly for the company during the product's launch demonstration, the BBC is reporting. Craig Federighi, Apple's software engineering vice president, tried to unlock an iPhone X using the facial recognition system, but was unable to do so — forcing him to use a backup device to demonstrate the technology working properly.

But the cause of the problem was not the facial recognition technology at all, according to the report. Apple says the iPhone X had been handled by a number of people before the stage demonstration, and the smartphone had tried to authenticate their faces. Since these people were not Federighi, the authentication failed a number of times, after which the facial recognition system was disabled and a passcode was required to unlock the device.

Apple has confirmed that while its TouchID fingerprint authentication system is disabled after five failed attempts, Face ID is disabled after just two unsuccessful attempts, the report says.

Concerns about FaceID still remain, however, including whether it will make it easier for thieves or law enforcement agencies to unlock a user's phone without their consent.

Image: © Apple.