Nintendo Switch Has Secret NES Emulator

Nintendo Switch Has Secret NES Emulator
Nintendo's latest console has a hidden NES Golf game built into the system software.

(CCM) — Nintendo's Switch game console has a secret "Easter Egg" hidden away in its operating system — a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) emulator that plays the NES version of Nintendo's Golf game, which was first launched in 1984. The game was discovered by a console hacker and revealed on the console hacking website

The game and its accompanying NES emulator have been present in every version of the Switch's system software since its release, but Nintendo has not revealed how the game can be launched. The game hacker said that Golf can be launched by "unofficial" methods, which most users would not be able to employ. This likely means that a hardware or software hack, or root access to the Nintendo system software, is required to launch it.

Nintendo has already announced that its online service for the Switch console will include support for playing NES games, so it is possible that the NES emulator in the system software is connected to this.

There is a long history of hiding games in systems and other software, although it is rare to find them in game console software. Examples include a flight simulator hidden in Microsoft's Excel, and a Flappy Bird clone in early developer versions of Android 5.0.

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