iOS 11 Breaks Older Apps

iOS 11 Breaks Older Apps
Many popular apps stop working if users upgrade their iPhones or iPads to Apple's newly-released iOS 11.

(CCM) — Apple's iOS 11, released yesterday, will not run many popular apps which have not been updated in the last two years, according to a BBC report. These apps include some Disney products, games such as Enemy Within and Flappy Bird, and even financial service apps from the like of American Express. Some of these titles were still on sale yesterday, meaning that users who purchase the apps will be unable to run them if they update their iPhone or iPad.

But security experts recommend updating to the latest version iOS as soon as possible to take advantage of fixes to vulnerabilities which could otherwise allow hackers to gain control of the device. Once the operating system on an iPhone or iPad is upgraded to the latest version it is generally not possible to downgrade to an older version, so users who upgrade their device by accident by clicking on the wrong on-screen button may find that they are no longer able to use apps that they have just purchased.

Users can find out if any of their existing apps will no longer run if they upgrade to iOS 11 by clicking the About button in the Settings menu and then going to the Applications subheading.

Image: © Apple.