Gmail Beefed Up with Clickable Links

Gmail Beefed Up with Clickable Links
Gmail will now convert addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses to interactive links automatically.

(CCM) — Google has completed the rollout of a major new time-saving feature in Gmail. From today, users of the Gmail (and Inbox by Gmail) apps on iOS and Android, as well as users of the web version of the two applications, will see that addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses will be converted automatically into interactive hyperlinks whenever they are detected. Users of Microsoft's mobile operating systems will not be able to take advantage of the new functionality.

"Precious time can be lost by having to copy and paste this information from an email into other apps and websites, so we wanted to provide a better way to perform these tasks that also saves time," the company explained in a blog post.

Clicking on an address will automatically take the user to that location on Google Maps, and clicking on an email address will open the user's default email client on the device and start a new message to that address. Clicking on a phone number from a smartphone will initiate a call to that number from the default phone app.

Gmail was launched by Google in 2004 and has an estimated 1 billion users around the world.

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