Twitter Tests Bandwidth-Saving Lite App

Twitter Tests Bandwidth-Saving Lite App
Twitter Lite may use 70% less data than the standard Twitter app, and requires only 3 MB of storage.

(CCM) — Twitter has quietly begun testing a new Android app called Twitter Lite, which is designed for Twitter users in developing countries where data networks are often slow and data is expensive to use. The company is testing the new app in the Philippines, and may decide to roll out it into other markets depending on its reception in the test.

The Twitter Lite app allows users to turn on a "data saver mode" which only downloads the images or videos that they choose to see. This can result in a more than 70% data usage reduction compared to the standard Twitter app, the company claims. The app also takes up much less storage space than the full-blown Twitter Android app: less than 3 MB in total. Twitter Lite is currently compatible with devices supporting Android versions 5.0 and above, according to the company.

The test follows the launch of a low-bandwidth mobile web version of Twitter earlier this year, in recognition of the fact that the social network has almost four times more monthly active users outside the U.S. as inside it.

It also follows in Facebook's footsteps. Facebook launched Facebook Lite in June 2015, and announced that the app had 100 million monthly users just nine months later.

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