Twitter Extends Character Count

Twitter Extends Character Count
Twitter has increased its character count to 280 characters, allowing users to express more in a single tweet.

(CCM) — Since its debut in 2006, Twitter has strictly followed the 140 character count limit for tweets. However, that seems to be changing. Some users have reported that their maximum character count for tweets has increased to 280 characters. The changed character limit is currently rolling out to more users and is expected to be available to all users soon.

In a blog post about the increased maximum character count, Twitter wrote that the 140 character limit was too restrictive for users. This was especially a cause for concern for English speaking users who had to split their tweets to convey their full messages. With their woes in mind, Twitter has finally decided to extend the character count to 280 characters. Users can now expect to be able to express their views in a single tweet.

Interestingly, the only group for whom the character limit has not been extended is Asian users in China, Japan, and Korea as they never faced any issues with the previous character limit. This is because the nature of their languages allows them to convey more with fewer characters, which is why not many East Asian users used up even 140 characters.

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