Instagram Offers Polly-Like Polls

Instagram Offers Polly-Like Polls
Instagram's new interactive poll sticker mimics the Polly Snapchat add-on.

(CCM) — Instagram has copied Snapchat's Polly add-on by introducing an interactive poll sticker to Instagram Stories. The sticker lets users add a simple question to a picture or video and offers two answers for friends and followers to choose between. The answers default to Yes and No, but they can be customized to any alternative answers.

Once a Story featuring a poll sticker has been published, friends and followers can start voting and see the results in real time. Once someone places their vote, they can immediately see which choice is the most popular. By viewing the story again they will also be able to see the latest results.

Users can see the results of their own polls by swiping up to open the viewers list for that part of the story. This will reveal who has voted and which option they selected.

Polls and their results will disappear along with the story after 24 hours.

Instagram has also launched new Photoshop-like tools to help choose colors for text and brushes and an alignment tool for text and stickers. The new pipette allows users to select any color from a photo or video, and in iOS blue guide lines appear when positioning text or a sticker to make it easier to center.

Image: © Instagram.