Google Unveils Translation Earbuds

Google Unveils Translation Earbuds
Google's Pixel Buds offer real-time translation, enabling wearers to understand other languages.

(CCM) — Google's new wireless earbuds will translate 40 different languages into English in real time, allowing wearers to hold conversations with people that they would not otherwise be able to understand.

The Pixel Buds, unveiled on Wednesday at the Pixel 2 launch event, use Google Translate to translate from one language to another with a delay of a few seconds. Translation is activated by touching and holding the right ear bud, and words spoken by another person are translated and played directly into the wearer's ears by the ear buds.

The wearer can also speak in their own language and a translation will play through the speakers of the wearer's connected Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL phone.

Touch controls on the earbuds also allow the wearer to play or pause music and summon Google Assistant.

The Pixel Buds are supplied in a charging case that offers a total battery life of about 24 hours, with five hours of continuous operation between charges. They will be available in November, priced at $159 — the same prices as Apple's AirPods.

Image: © Google.