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iPhone 8 Faces Sales Meltdown

iPhone 8 Faces Sales Meltdown
Reports of iPhone 8s popping open due to battery swelling have plunged the future of the device into doubt.

(CCM) — Apple is facing the prospect of an iPhone 8 sales meltdown following reports that some units in the Far East have popped open due to the battery swelling. The company will be keen to avoid a repeat of the debacle surrounding Samsung's Galaxy Note8 handset, which had to be scrapped last year after the batteries in a small number of units exploded.

Reuters has reported that a Chinese man's iPhone 8 Plus cracked open before the unit had been charged, and similar cases have been reported in Taiwan and Japan. A photo from China shows the phone split along the side with the sim tray, with internal parts visible. An Apple spokesperson said that the company is looking into the matter, according to the Reuters report.

Apple's shares have slid since the launch of the iPhone 8, which has been met with lukewarm reviews. Pre-orders for the device are likely to be well down on previous model launches, although that may be due to customers waiting for the premium iPhone X which is not due to launch until November 2017.

Image: © Apple.
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Lots of forum has this news. Maybe Apple should issue an statement with regards to this phone. Apple need to inform the public what is happening.

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