Hackers Unlock SNES Classic Console

Hackers Unlock SNES Classic Console
Unlocking allows owners to load up to 42 extra games on the SNES Classic game console.

(CCM) — Retro-gaming enthusiasts are celebrating that the new SNES Classic Edition game console has been hacked, enabling owners to add additional titles to the 21 games that the console is supplied with, Tech Times is reporting.

Owners can now download a software tool called Hackchi2 and run it on a PC, with the SNES Classic Edition connected using a USB cable. After following the instructions the console should be "unlocked," enabling extra games to be installed. The console may be able to hold up to 63 games, and there are hundreds that have been confirmed to work on unlocked consoles. These include classic titles such as Earthworm Jim and Donkey Kong Country.

Demand for the console is likely to increase now that it can be unlocked, and it is already in short supply. But Nintendo has promised to ramp up production to try to ensure that it can fulfill demand in the run-up to the holiday season.

Unlocking a console is not without its risks, and the authors of the unlocking tool warn that there is a chance that it could become "bricked," rendering it unusable, if the unlocking procedure does not work correctly.

Image: © Nintendo.