Google Home Mini Caught Spying

Google Home Mini Caught Spying
The Google Home Mini device was caught accidentally saving thousands of recordings, requiring an update by the company.

(CCM) — Google's recently announced Google Home Mini smart speaker has gotten into trouble before even going on sale. A bug has been found in the calibration of the touch sensors on top of the device, causing it to begin recording without prompt. These faulty sensors can be found on the first units of the Google Home Mini, and these were the units that were handed over to the reviewers at Google’s Pixel event October 4, 2017.

Like the company’s other voice-activated assistants, the Google Home Mini also responds to keywords like "OK, Google" or "Hey, Google." But the bug on Google Home Mini was listening to more than the trigger words. According to one writer, Artem Russakovskii of Android Police, the review unit that he received had saved thousands of recordings.

Google was quick to respond to the issue and has already dispatched a software update for the Home Mini to fix the bug as well as documentation to reflect the change. The update brings the smart device to software version 1.28.100122 and disables the touchpad on top.

Image: © Google