Nokia 8 Won't Launch in the U.S.

Nokia 8 Won't Launch in the U.S.
HMD Global has issued a statement saying that the Nokia 8’s branding is unfit for the U.S. market.

(CCM) — Nokia's recently launched flagship, the Nokia 8, won't be launched in the United States. This news comes as a disappointment for the Nokia fans in the country. Although early reports suggested that HMD Global — Nokia’s parent company — had a U.S. launch for the device in the works, the company confirmed on Thursday that this would not be the case.

In a statement, HMD Global said: "To a disappointment, we will not be launching the Nokia 8 in the USA. The Nokia 8 is not properly banded for the US to ensure our pledge of 110% consumer satisfaction. I apologize for the disappointing information, but please stay tuned for future US based devices, as we are developing the portfolio." [sic]

Meanwhile, Nokia's revival in other markets is turning out better than expected, with the Nokia 8 already faring well in places like Europe. For hopeful U.S. fans, HMD Global has promised to release an exclusive lineup of Nokia phones that will be specially tailored for the U.S. market.

Image: © HMD Global.