iOS 11 Becomes Apple’s Most Used OS

iOS 11 Becomes Apple’s Most Used OS
According to recent reports, iOS 11 is now running on a higher number of Apple devices than any previous version.

(CCM) — Apple is miles ahead of Android when it comes to uniform distribution of its latest software versions. iOS 11, released just three weeks ago, has already managed to obtain a 47% download rate on Apple devices and is now the most used OS version on Apple's mobile devices.

According to a report by analytics firm Mixpanel, iOS 11 currently runs on 47% devices, one percent more than iOS 10’s figure. The uptake rate of Android’s latest OS, Oreo, pales in comparison, with barely 0.2% of total devices running it.

Following iOS 11, Apple released v11.0.1, v11.0.2, and v11.0.3 to resolve bugs in iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 devices. While these are just incremental updates, a major update packed with new features is expected to be released as iOS 11.1.

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