Battlegrounds Cheat Crackdown Underway

Battlegrounds Cheat Crackdown Underway
PlayerUnknown is engaged in a concerted campaign to kick cheats off its Battlegrounds combat game.

(CCM) — Up to 20,000 players are being banned from PlayerUnknown's "battle royale" genre combat game Battlegrounds every day, according to BattlEye, a company that detects and ejects cheats from multi-player online games.

BattlEye said that it usually detects between 6,000 and 13,000 cheats in Battlegrounds on any given day using its anti-cheat technology, but last Saturday it ejected 20,000 players who had hacked their systems to give themselves an unfair advantage over other players and banned them all. The vast majority of the cheats come from China, where hacking systems in this way is popular, the company added.

Common cheats such as "aimbots" allow players to shoot more accurately by targeting specific colors on the screen, while more sophisticated cheats allow people to find hidden loot and see where other players are hiding. Many players are put off participating in games if there are large numbers of cheats because they are at such a disadvantage, so game companies employ technologies such as BattlEye's which can detect software that has been hacked, in order to combat the problem.

Simple cheat tools are generally freely available, but more effective cheats can cost hundreds of dollars to buy or to subscribe to on a monthly basis.

Image: © Bluehole.