WhatsApp Offers Live Location Sharing

WhatsApp Offers Live Location Sharing
WhatsApp users can now see the exact location of their friends on a map in real time.

(CCM) — WhatsApp has launched a new live location sharing feature that makes it easy to see where friends are at any moment in time. The Facebook-owned company is touting the new capability as a safety feature so that friends or family can see that users get home safely after an evening out and as a way to help co-ordinate meeting up with groups of friends.

The functionality is similar to that offered by Apple's Find My Friends app, but WhatsApp's take on it allows users to control how long their location is shared. That means that they can set it to share their location for a few hours or a whole evening and let it expire automatically, or they can stop location sharing at any time by switching it off manually in the app.

To activate the feature, users open a chat with a person or group of people. Under "Location" in the attach button there is a new option to "Share Live Location." After choosing how long they want to share and tapping send, each person in the chat will be able to see the user's real-time location on a map.

The new feature is available on iOS and Android and will be rolled out to WhatsApp users in an update in the next few weeks.

Image: © WhatsApp.