Captcha-Solving AI Is Website Threat

Captcha-Solving AI Is Website Threat
An artificial intelligence system that poses as a human may force website owners to rethink their security measures.

(CCM) — The security of many websites is under threat thanks to a new artificial intelligence system which can solve Captcha puzzles, according to a BBC report.

These puzzles are intended to enable people to prove that they are human by recognizing letters, numbers, and words that are presented in a way that is difficult for bots and other computer software to make sense of. But researchers at Vicarious, a Californian company funded by Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, have developed a computer algorithm that mimics the way that humans recognize letters and numbers.

As a result, the artificial intelligence system can solve 57.1% of PayPal Captchas, 57.4% of Yahoo Captchas, and 66.6% of Google's reCatpcha puzzles.

Simon Edwards, a security expert at Trend Micro Europe, believes that Captcha technology will have to be improved or abandoned because of the new artificial intelligence system. "The technology has been around for a long time — there needs to be a better version of Captcha," he told the BBC. "In my mind, the best form of authentication is two-factor. It's the only real way of getting around these problems."

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