Intel Launches Super-Fast 3D XPoint SSD

Intel Launches Super-Fast 3D  XPoint SSD
The new drives use a revolutionary new storage medium which is four times faster than traditional flash storage.

(CCM) — Intel is promising PC users blisteringly fast gaming performance with its new Optane SSD 900P Series solid state drives, which launched today.

The new drives are the first desktop solid state drives to use Intel's revolutionary 3D XPoint storage medium, which is four times faster than conventional flash storage. 3D XPoint is ideal for the most demanding storage workloads, including 3D rendering, complex simulations, and fast game load times, the company said. 3D XPoint is also up to 22 times more durable than flash storage, meaning that solid state drives that use it will wear out much more slowly.

To get an idea of the performance offered by the new drives, Intel demonstrated one rendering a video sequence involving 1.1 billion particles in 6.3 hours, whereas using a conventional solid state drive the same task would take more than 14 hours, according to the company.

Intel has launched three 3D XPoint-based models: a 280 GB PCIe version priced at $389, a 480 GB PCIe version at $699, and a 2.5-inch 280 GB U.2 drive priced at $389. All are available from online retail outlets now.

3D XPoint was first announced in 2015 and was developed by Intel and Micron Technology.

Image: © Intel.