Amazon Adds Audible Support to Kindle

Amazon Adds Audible Support to Kindle
A firmware update will add support for Amazon's audio book service to its entry-level Kindle.

(CCM) — Amazon is planning to add the ability to listen to audio books to its entry-level Kindle ebook reader as part of a firmware update, Tech Times is reporting.

The Kindle E-reader, which is currently priced at $79.99, is advertized as having "built-in Audible," which will be available "in the coming months." Audible is the name of the audio book service which Amazon purchased in 2008 for about $300 million.

The Kindle E-reader does not have a headphone jack, which means that when the service is enabled users will have to listen to audio books on their devices using Bluetooth enabled wireless headphones or speakers.

Amazon's $250 flagship Oasis waterproof Kindle already supports Audible, but the company's existing mid-range Paperwhite and Voyage Kindle models do not. Amazon has not said explicitly that these two models will not get Audible support at some point in the future, but no mention has been made of them getting it "in the coming months." It is likely that support will be added to future versions of these models rather than through a firmware update to the existing versions.

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