GameStop Offers All-You-Can-Eat Rental

GameStop Offers All-You-Can-Eat Rental
Power Pass subscribers can borrow an unlimited number of games during a six month period.

(CCM) — Video game retailer GameStop is launching a new all-you-can-eat subscription service for used titles, according to a Polygon report.

The Power Pass unlimited gaming subscription lasts for six months, during which time a subscriber can pick any used game from a store, play it for as long as they like, and then exchange it for another one. They can continue to do this for the duration of the subscription. The offer only includes physical game discs, and games from the store's online library are not included.

As an added bonus, at the end of the six month period the subscriber can choose any game that they played to keep forever. It is not clear what will happen if more than one subscriber chooses to keep the same game at the end of the subscription period.

The Power Pass subscription costs $60 — approximately the cost of one new PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One game — and gamers can sign up from November 19, 2017. Subscriptions must be activated by January 31, 2018, and subscribers must be members of GamesStop's PowerUp Rewards loyalty scheme to enable the company to keep track of the games that they take out and return to stores.

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