Hassle-Free Android Bluetooth Pairing

Hassle-Free Android Bluetooth Pairing
Fast Pair is Android's answer to Apple's seamless AirPod Bluetooth pairing capability.

(CCM) — Google aims to cut the hassle out of pairing Bluetooth devices with Android smartphones with the announcement of a new, streamlined pairing system called Fast Pair. Apple made pairing its AirPod earphones to an iOS device effortless, and Google's Fast Pair is Android's answer to this.

To pair a Fast Pair-enabled device, a user simply turns it on and puts it in pairing mode. The user's Android device will then detect a Fast Pair data packet, which it sends to Google's servers and gets back an image of the device, as well as its name, and a companion app if one exists.

The user then gets a notification asking them to "Tap to pair," with the name and image of the device. Tapping completes the pairing process — there is no need for the user to enter their device's Bluetooth settings at all.

Fast Pair works on all supported Android devices running Google Play services 11.7 or later, with compatibility back to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The pairing system is currently being rolled out to Android 6.0 and later devices. Devices that support Fast Pair now include Google Pixel Buds and Lobraton Q Adapt On-Ear headphones.

Image: © Google.