Gamers Prefer Using Switch as Handheld

Gamers Prefer Using Switch as Handheld
More people use Nintendo's Switch as a handheld game system than as a conventional console, the company says.

(CCM) — Video gamers prefer to use the Nintendo Switch as a handheld device than as a conventional game console, Nintendo has revealed.

The Nintendo Switch is unusual because its hybrid design means that it can be docked to a based unit and used a console, or used undocked with a joypad attached on each side as a handheld device. When it was launched in March 2017 many commentators wondered if users would bother undocking the device, given the popularity of smartphones as handheld gaming devices.

But Nintendo's own research reveals that about 30% of Switch owners use their device in handheld mode the majority of the time, while less than 20% keep the device docked most of the time. About half of owners swap between the two modes fairly evenly.

Nintendo has always had the reputation of making entertainment systems for younger gamers, but the company's data shows that a huge proportion of Switch buyers are in their twenties or early thirties, although it is also popular with people aged between 10 and 19, and those in their late 30s.

The Switch has been unexpectedly successful, prompting Nintendo to raise their sales projections and increase production. The company expects to sell about 14 million units in the device's first year on sale — about half a million more units than Nintendo's Wii U sold during its five year production period.

Image: © Nintendo.