Super-Smart Earbud Startup Collapses

Super-Smart Earbud Startup Collapses
Doppler Labs, the company behind the revolutionary Here One smart earbuds, has shut down due to poor sales.

(CCM) — A startup that hoped to revolutionize wireless earbud technology has collapsed after selling just 25,000 of its Here One product, Business Insider is reporting.

Doppler Labs raised $50 million to develop its super-smart Hear One earbuds that offer a noise-cancelling feature called "active listening." This allows users to tune the earbuds using a companion app so that they can do things like suppress the noise of an airplane's engines while still hearing the person sitting next to them normally or amplify the bass at a music concert.

Doppler faced stiff competition from industry giants such as Apple and Google, both of which offer smart wireless earbuds. Google's recently released Pixel Buds, for example, offer real-time translation which allows users to hold conversations with people talking a language they do not speak.

But the product's biggest problem was its poor battery life. Initially the company promised that the Here Now buds would last about as long as Apple's AirPods on a single charge, but when the product shipped they often ran out of power after just two or three hours.

The company had expected to sell over 100,000 units before developing a more advanced version of the product, but when sales failed to materialize the company ran out of money and is now in the process of closing its doors for good.

Image: © Doppler Labs.